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Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Field Size & Goals 

Small Ball Fields

General recommendation of 30x50

4x4 box goals (2021 only: allow for any size goal)

Modified Field 

40x90 - 

6x6 (5x5 if available) Goal

Full Field - unmodified


Extra set of Goalie equipment

Temporary creases

Extra set of Goalie equipment

No Poles



2-2-2 and a goalie No off sides BUT keep 2 players back 

2-3-2 and a goalie 


Field Modifications

14’ between each field - Avoid common sideline and player areas between two fields.

Field Maps: Label traffic patterns, player sidelines and spectator areas.

Players sideline should be a large enough space to maintain 6’ social distancing. 

Substitution box maintains social distancing...ie, keep the same size but manage your substitution patterns. 

Coaching area 

Coaches on the sideline. No coaches allowed on the field of play. 

Game Duration 

As a rule, 2- 25 minute running time halves - allow extra time for goalies to switch/change, manage time to accommodate # of teams that are there to play.

50 min running time game

25 min halves and a 2 min. half time

50 minute running time game

25 min halves and a 2 min. half time

Face Off

For 2021: We will play using the NCAA Face off modifications in grades 5-8. We will reserve the right to reexamine this decision and adjust based on the health and safety of the players and officials. Face off mechanics: Players and officials will remain socially distant. The Official will place the ball on the ground and step away. Players will approach the ball and get in position to take the draw (Natural grip, Only hands, feet and stick touching the ground). Possession will be automatically awarded if either player is not in the correct position or the whistle will be blown and the face off will commence. 


Grade 3-4: No face off will take place after a goal. Goalie will pull the ball and the offensive team will only be allowed to Half field ride. 

Loose Balls and Play Ons

Play will continue for a short period of time and possession will be managed quickly by the officials if clear possession is not imminent. The use of alternate possession will determine which team gets the ball. 


Injury time outs only

Injury time outs only 

1 timeout per half. Caution on slowing the game down




2 minutes remaining under 2 goal lead - keep it in!

4 second goalie count

:30 Seconds to get the ball over half field and into the offensive restraining box.

2 minutes remaining under 2 goal lead - keep it in!

4 second goalie count